Run Cisco Transport Planner (CTP) on MacOS

Unlike setting up Cisco Transport Controller (CTC) on my MacBook Air, Cisco Transport Planner (CTP) seems much easier to me to run on MacOS. There are actually two ways to do that. One is setting up the CTP installer which I couldn’t run as the installer provided by CISCO was corrupted during the time I was trying it. The other way (and of course the easier one that worked for me) is to run ctp.jar file (a Java based file). No installer is required in this method.

Step 1: Download the zipped folder from here. It’s CTP10.1 (exact CTP version is Unzip it.

Awals-MacBook-Air:Transmission awal$ ls
Awals-MacBook-Air:Transmission awal$ unzip

The folder view:

Step 2: In that folder, there is another folder named profiles where your CTP profile (another JAR file, more accurately a license, given by Cisco to use CTP) must be added before working with the CTP application. I just added the profile (netdesigner.jar) that is created by Cisco for our organisation.

Awals-MacBook-Air:Transmission awal$ ls CTP-v1010-112-20141030/profiles
Awals-MacBook-Air:profiles awal$ ls

Step 3: Now, open the ctp.jar file located in the previously unzipped folder.

Awals-MacBook-Air:CTP-v1010-112-20141030 awal$ open ctp.jar

It’ll detect your profile. Click Continue.

Step 4: Now as the CTP is opened, you can open your existing project if one is available. Or, you can start creating new project.

I just added our current Tx project and it looks like this.

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