Made my website IPv6 and DNSSEC enabled by CloudFlare

If you’re hosting your own server with Public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, you’re just fine. Because, it is pretty much simple that all you need is to configure the AAAA records accurately. In case, if you are hosting your website through hosting provider and they support IPv6, you’re safe again.

But, l’m not in one the those situations here. I’m hosting my site to a hosting provider’s server where IPv6 is not available yet. What I did is, I simply used the DNS of CloudFlare and this trick is really very popular :-). CF (and similar service provider) is called Content Delivery Network (CDN), just in case if you don’t know. More details is available at their website.

The steps are really pretty simple and really popular.

  • I created my CloudFlare account, it’s free.
  • Added my website there.
  • Enabled IPv6 from “Network” option
  • Additionally I enabled DNSSEC as well from “DNS” option
  • Finally, I added the NS records provided by CloudFlare as the name servers for my website by logging to my account provided by the register.

Now, my website is IPv6 enabled and additionally it is secured by DNSSEC.

Check it here:

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