About Me

I am a passionate network engineer and a technical trainer. My experiences are mostly around routing and switching, BGP, MPLS, IPv6, DNS and network security. I started my career back in 2008 and have been privileged to run networks for ISPs, Transit Provider, NREN, Data Center, Universities and Enterprises. I have been teaching and presenting operational best practices at NOGs across the Asia-Pacific region such as APRICOT, APNIC, SANOG, bdNOG, npNOG, MMNOG, btNOG, Asi@Connect events to help improve Internet operations across the region. 

I work for BGD e-GOV CIRT since 2018 where I manage the network and security operations of the National Data Center (NDC) operated by Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). I’m an Open Internet Engineering Fellow at Mozilla Foundation and hosted at NSRC, University of Oregon. In Mozilla, I take care of the routing security enhancement project, mostly around RPKI deployment.

I’m a regular trainer at NSRC, USA and a Community Trainer at APNIC, Australia. I used to be a Cisco NetacadInstructor at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). Over the past few years, I have conducted several workshops and tutorials, many of them are in cooperation with NSRC, covering topics such as IPv6 deployment, advanced BGP, campus network design, MPLS deployment, network management and network security.

Prior to BGD e-GOV CIRT, I worked for 6 years as Manager, Network at Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN). I was the lead engineer to design, build and operate countrywide IP/MPLS backbone network and DWDM infrastructure for . I spent a lot of time helping universities to build structured campus network and deploy advanced networking technologies. Before joining BdREN, I worked for 3 years at Mango Teleservices, Bangladesh’s first and one of the largest transit providers.

I am a founding member of Bangladesh Network Operators Group (bdNOG) and Internet Society Bangladesh Chapter. I serve on ICANN‘s Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) caucus. I also serve on the Program Committee of South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG). I have collaborated with various Internet governance and technical groups including ISOC, IETF, APNIC, APAN, ICANN, APrIGF, and Youth IGF.

I did my engineering Bachelor from Khulna University of Engineering & Technology and MBA from Bangladesh University of Professionals. I live in Dhaka but I born and grew up in the beautiful city of Khulna.