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This is a blog site having contents about, but not limited to, IPv6 and related recent and upcoming technologies. The purpose is to exchange knowledge about IPv6 and related technologies among the users of the community. This site is reachable using both IPv6 and IPv4 (of course IPv6 will get priority while establishing the connection), a big thanks to CloudFlare. The contents of this site are delivered securely over SSL as you may have seen the ‘HTTPS’ locked sign at the left side of the address bar of your browser. The emails that are exchanged with this domain are encrypted with SSL/TLS service. The  website/domain is DNSSEC enabled (which can be checked from here). The site is built on WordPress using xMAG theme along with some other plugins, you may check it from here.

About the Maintainer

My full name is Md. Abdul Awal, just ‘Awal’ is better (try to pronounce as ‘AU-AL‘), and I’m maintaining this blog. I’m a network professional and I worked for transit provider network, national R&E networks, campus networks etc. My areas of interest include Routing and Switching, MPLS, BGP, IPv6, Network Infrastructure Security and Internet Governance. I’m volunteering as a delegate and EC member of Internet Society Bangladesh. I’m also actively involved with bdNOG. I’m an MSG member of APrIGF. I often volunteer to host events that aims to raise internet awareness and technical knowledge development among the youngsters and students.


Comments, corrections, criticism and advises to improve the website and/or its contents are always appreciated, please reach through email@awal.pro.  My social network pages are mentioned on the right side of this page, I also have a Jabber account as awal@jabber.at where we can have a chat anytime.

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